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 Demoscript for 10 Demos with toggle

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Kramernoia {EWZ}
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Quake Commander & Serverhozt

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PostSubject: Demoscript for 10 Demos with toggle   Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:13 am

// -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
// demorecording script (demo record und stop auf tastendruck - für 10 demos
// (c) 2003 by AciDBurN aka MKL
// -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

set recdemo "g_synchronousClients 1; vstr demonum; set rectoggle vstr stoprec"
set stoprec "stoprecord; set rectoggle vstr recdemo"
set rectoggle vstr recdemo

set demonum vstr demo_01
set demotoggle vstr d01
set demo_01 "record aademo_01"
set demo_02 "record aademo_02"
set demo_03 "record aademo_03"
set demo_04 "record aademo_04"
set demo_05 "record aademo_05"
set demo_06 "record aademo_06"
set demo_07 "record aademo_07"
set demo_08 "record aademo_08"
set demo_09 "record aademo_09"
set demo_10 "record aademo_10"
set d01 "set demonum vstr demo_02; set demotoggle vstr d02; echo next recording to demo_02."
set d02 "set demonum vstr demo_03; set demotoggle vstr d03; echo next recording to demo_03."
set d03 "set demonum vstr demo_04; set demotoggle vstr d04; echo next recording to demo_04."
set d04 "set demonum vstr demo_05; set demotoggle vstr d05; echo next recording to demo_05."
set d05 "set demonum vstr demo_06; set demotoggle vstr d06; echo next recording to demo_06."
set d06 "set demonum vstr demo_07; set demotoggle vstr d07; echo next recording to demo_07."
set d07 "set demonum vstr demo_08; set demotoggle vstr d08; echo next recording to demo_08."
set d08 "set demonum vstr demo_09; set demotoggle vstr d09; echo next recording to demo_09."
set d09 "set demonum vstr demo_10; set demotoggle vstr d10; echo next recording to demo_10."
set d10 "set demonum vstr demo_01; set demotoggle vstr d01; echo next recording to demo_01. WARNING: demo_01 will be overwritten."

// startet bzw. stoppt die Aufnahme:
bind n vstr rectoggle

// wechselt zur nächsten Demo:
bind m vstr demotoggle


German Underground Rap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGy5u4849R4
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Demoscript for 10 Demos with toggle
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