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 Config turtorial

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Kramernoia {EWZ}
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Quake Commander & Serverhozt
Kramernoia {EWZ}

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PostSubject: Config turtorial   Fri Mar 06, 2009 12:07 am

Many Players are Confused about the Config settings in Q3Arena / CPMA, thats a Reason for me to make this tutorial for Quake newbies Smile

1. Note that!!!
In normal Quake3 the Engine generate the q3config.cfg by itself (So do not edit that file via editor or similar) it means all cmd's & cvar's you type in Console will automaticly saved in q3config.cfg

and in CPMA the Engine dont save the cmd's & cvar's so you need an extra config for example autoexec.cfg.
In this config you can write all your binds and scripts etc...

2. Write an own config file
Now is it Important to make a bind for execed your extra created config. for Example:
bind f8 "exec autoexec.cfg"
and as the last line in your extra config you need the command for write all stuff in the q3config.cfg
writeconfig q3config.cfg

more about config stuff here: http://ewz-quake3forums.forumsmotion.com/quake-3-arena-f9/cpma-mod-config-place-t67.htm#202

if you are ready with creating your own extra config u need to load it Manualy at the first time you Play Q3 CPMA. So Type the first time in your Console exec autoexec.cfg

now the engine load your own config and write all stuff in q3config.cfg including your bind for execeding your own cfg Wink

Note!!! now when you edit your extra cfg you can load it with the exec bind and it will automaticly save your stuff in q3config.cfg for next Times cheers


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Config turtorial
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